facsinating past and urgent present


NOK 795


10.00 (10am) to 13.00 (1pm)

POLAR BEAR DISCOVERY TOUR - fascinating past and urgent present

Embark on an extraordinary polar bear discovery tour to meet and hear the tales of Tromsø’s stuffed legends and how the polar bear now stands as a symbol of climate change and the urgency to act upon these changes.

This tour takes you on a captivating adventure by local bus and on foot, exploring some of the city’s iconic sites, each housing fascinating stories of the King of the Arctic – the Polar Bear.

Step into the Polar Museum, the very heart of Tromsø’s Arctic legacy. We will uncover the intriguing tales of explorers, hunters and trappers, who brought back live polar bear cubs, sparking the rumour that these magnificent creatures roamed Tromsø’s streets.

Our tour takes you to key locations where stuffed polar bears serve as both educational artifacts and reminders of the city’s peculiar encounters and the impact they had on local folklore.

The tour ends at the Arctic experience centre Polaria where we confront the pressing issue of climate change and its devasting effects on Polar Bears worldwide. Gain an insight into the challenges Arctic animals face due to the melting ice cap and shifting ecosystems. Understand the urgent need for conservation efforts and the role we play in preserving the Arctic habitat for future generations.


Local English and Norwegian-speaking host

Transportation by public bus

(5-10 min)

Admission to the Polar Museum

Admission to Polaria incl. repeat visits on the same day

Discount on books at Polaria

Reflectors available during the tour

Spikes available during the tour

Please bring: Warm clothes and boots.

Practial information:

Price:Adult NOK 795/

Youth (12-16) NOK 495

Meeting time: 09.45 (am)

Pick-up: Tromsø Cathedral

Drop-off: Polaria

Number of participants: 1-10

Level: Easy/Medium

Age limit: minimum 12 years

Duration: 3 hours


1. Memorable and Interactive Experiences

As well as hidden gems, this tour includes admission to two of Tromsø's must-see attractions - the Polar Museum and the arctic experience centre Polaria.

2. Local Perspectives

Discover Tromsø through the eyes of locals, gaining a unique perspective of the city's folklore, legends and the Polar Bear tales that have shaped its identity.

3.Climate Change Awareness

Raise your awareness of climate change and its impact on Polar Bears, encouraing a sense of responsibility and action towards a sustinable future.

4. Tromsø Off the Beaten Track

Enjoy exciting viewa and hidden secrets on this guided walking tour from the top of Tromsø's main island down to the waterfront.

5. A great introduction

Get a head start to your Tromsø experience with many useful tips and suggestions of other worthwhile places to visit.