NOK 695


13.00 (1pm) to 15.30 (3.30pm)  



Indulge your sweet tooth and join our pleasant walking tour through Tromsø’s charming streets where we explore the city’s cosy cafés and patisseries that Tromsø residents hold dear to their hearts.

Your guide and host will delve into Tromsø’s sweet history and the cultural and social significance these delicious treats have had and still have here. You will hear stories about passionate cinnamon buns, award-winning chocolate and confectioner’s cakes that are talked about far beyond Tromsø’s borders. Are you keen to taste the world’s first Northern Lights cake?

We visit hand-picked places with local enthusiasts who are each known for their unique creations and naturally there will be opportunities for a taste test or two.

We find our way to the city’s largest selection of exclusive and handcrafted cakes and enjoy each other’s company around a delicious piece of cake and warming cup of tea or coffee.

More than just a sweet adventure, “Tromsø’s sweet temptations” is designed with the joy of being together in mind. After all, good company and delicious treats are the perfect recipe for a memorable experience.


Local English and Norwegian-speaking host

Confectioner’s cake & tea/coffee

Sweet samples

Handmade chocolates

Discounts on sweet temptations

Reflectors to wear during the tour

Spikes available (if icy)

Please bring: Warm clothes and shoes

Practial information:

Price: NOK 695

Pick-up: Tromsø Tourist Information (Visit Tromsø) upstairs at the harbour terminal

Meeting time: 12.45 (12.45pm)

Number of participants: 1-8

Level: Easy

Age limit: minimum 12 years

Duration: 2.5 hours


1. Local Insight

Get insider knowledge about Tromsø’s sweet traditions and the best places to satisfy your sweet tooth from a local who is passionate about the city.

2. Culinary Treats

Enjoy carefully selected treats prepared by skilled and dedicated artisans.

3.Café culture

Immerse yourself in Tromsø’s vibrant café culture where every cup and pastry are testament to the city’s warmth and hospitality.

4. Sweet Memories

Create lasting memories with new friends and bond over sharing a love of sweets.